Utilize nosso boilerplate para iniciar o seu projeto usando Django + Webpack de maneira muito rápido e fácil, Ah… ainda consegue rodar pelo Docker.

Clone o repositório aqui, e depois veja como usar:

Minimal Django with Webpack and Bootstrap setup!

It should be pretty self explanatory, let me know if you need any help!

IMPORTANT: Docker setup is not yet ready for production!

Docker usage

  1. Rename .env.example > .env and update it
  2. Run docker-compose build
  3. Run docker-compose up -d
  4. [optional] Run docker-compose exec boilerplate_app python createsuperuser
  5. Profit…

Suggestion: Rename the boilerplate_ image names in docker to your own app/project (also in DB scheme on .env).

Debugging Django App (in VSCode)

Django App can be debugged attaching VSCode to the PTVSD server (launch.json is included in this boilerplate), so:

  1. Add your breakpoints (or not)
  2. Go to ‘Run and Debug’ on the left panel
  3. Select ‘Docker: Django’
  4. Start it (F5)

Basic usage (legacy, but still works - kindof)

1. Run yarn install 2. Run yarn serve 3. Profit…

Back-end 1. Create virtualenv && activate 2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt 3. Rename .env.example > .env and update it 4. [optional] Make “runabble”: $ chmod +x 5. Run ./ migrate 6. [optional] Run ./ createsuperuser 7. Run ./ runserver 8. Profit…